The Top 8 Ways to Learn to Code Today

I do a lot of online learning, and I’m always on the lookout for new ways to learn new skills, or brush up on old ones. My backend web development and frontend design skills have increased so rapidly over the course of the past year that I don’t even get excited going into Photoshop anymore. Just let me code!!! The majority of my professional and personal development is all thanks to Treehouse. Treehouse has really revolutionized the idea of online learning. The courses they offer are very well taught, thorough, and easy to follow along with. The lessons, courses, and tracks make it very easy to stay focused on one skill at a time, earning points and badges along the way to reward your efforts. Working alongside their videos is a cinch with their built-in workspaces, which really helps in keeping your desktop clean from downloaded project files.  While I am a big-time Treehouse advocate and am likely to remain one, here are some other great resources (and some good deals) to learn to code today:


#1 – Treehouse



  • Great course selection
  • Expert trachers
  • Easy to follow
  • Built-in workspaces
  • Easy to use app for Android and iOS
  • Excellent community and forums
  • Access to recorded developer conferences
  • Exclusive member benefits for several partner sites


  • Pro Plan is a little spendy for not much more content
Overall Value: 10/10

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#2 – Learnable


  • Decent course selection
  • Well-organized courses
  • Several free eBooks
  • $15/mo. or $99/yr.


  • Confusing interface
  • No Workspaces, but project files for download
Overall Value: 9/10

First 30 Days Free, $15/mo. After Trial


#3 – Lynda


  • Broadest range of courses
  • Available app for Android and iOS
  • Student discounts available
  • Certificates available


  • Premium membership is pricey
  • No Workspaces, but project files for download
Overall Value: 9/10

14-Day Free Trial, $25/mo. After Trial

#5 – Tuts+


  • Great selection of courses
  • Expert teachers
  • Good free tutorial selection
  • Project files make it easy to follow along
  • Envato partner


  • Premium accout required to download project files
  • Must pay yearly to receive subscriber benefits
Overall Value: 8/10

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#5 – Code School


  • In-depth courses
  • Great video production
  • LinkedIn integration to show off badges
  • Student discounts available
  • Certificates available


  • Not a great selection of courses
  • Only a 2-day trial
Overall Value: 7.5/10

2-Day Free Trial, $29/mo. After Trial


#6 – Udemy


  • Good Course selection
  • Available app for Android and iOS
  • Decent package deals through StackSocial
  • Certificates available
  • Some good free courses


  • No subscription model
  • Expensive courses
Overall Value: 7/10

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#7 – Skillshare


  • Solid videos
  • Good external resources
  • Good pricing
  • One for one – donates a membership upon sign-up


  • No badges or certificates
  • Lack of clear project files
Overall Value: 7/10

14-Day Free Trial, $10/mo. After Trial

#8 – StackSkills


  • Free courses offered through StackSocial
  • Decent content


  • Lacks a clear interface
  • Courses are pricey
  • No project files to follow along with
Overall Value:6/10

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