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As you can see, my clients come first. Otherwise, I would have a killer website and no clients. Not into this to make money, but to make a community successful. Whether that means helping aspiring designers learn the trade, or giving businesses honest numbers to prevent them from getting boned. With that, we are still here to give you the great logo design, print design, and web design we’ve done for other small businesses. Over the past 7 years, SilenceKillsDesign has been empowering small businesses across Montana. Our mission is to give you the tools to succeed in this ever-changing digital world. This is no smash-and-grab, logo-in-a-day, send-me-the-money & be-on-your-way operation. Consider us the Robin Hood of small-biz marketing.

We aim to be the catalyst in creating growth and success for small businesses across Montana.
SilenceKillsDesign is a small marketing and design agency located near Bozeman, Montana. We believe in giving business owners to tools and training to survive. Our goal is to help businesses simplify their brand messaging to build long-lasting relationships with their customers.
Our road to success started with a passion to learn. Every day we push to better our skills, and enjoy sharing knowledge in return. We offer free-to-the-community classes on Photoshop, Online Marketing, and more.

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