A well-designed website can be your most powerful marketing segment, delivering your brand's message to your customers' fingertips. Our web design process caters to your existing customers, and new audiences alike.

The Things We Do:

Our UX / UI Design Process

Research and Planning

Before we design or build anything, we need to understand why users use your site or app. Once we know the why, we dive into the how they will interact with the final product. Here we create deep user personas. We look at possible frustrations and rendundancies and strategize an approach to resolve those issues.

Sketching and Wireframing

There is no reason that great UI and UX can't simply come from a napkin sketch. Avoiding overthinking in the early stages ofter leads to a much more conscise design and overall better user experience.

Intereaction Prototyping

At this stage, key usibilty features are ready for user testing, and internal decision making. We test the key demographics laid out in the persona definition process.

Testing and Decision

We wireframe early in each project to clarify layout of key pages and to map the user experience process. This workflow assures confidence moving forward. Wireframes will also save considerable time and money in the testing and amends phase later in the project. This segment typically takes about a week or two.

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About Us

SilenceKillsDesign is a full-service digital agency specializing in multimedia marketing strategies. We offer services in brand management, web development, online marketing, and graphic design, along with many other services to help your local, small, or large business succeed.

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