Bozeman SEO requires two things, knowledge of Bozeman, and knowledge of technical SEO. CJ Williams, digital marketing specialist, is a Bozeman native and certified SEO Expert. We work within your budget to grow your customer base, starting today.

SEO Work We Do:

Our SEO / SEM Process

Audit and Analyisis

Before we get started with anything else, we will run a full SEO audit, and share our results with you. We will address any glaring issues and develop a strategy to make your SEO efforts a success.

Technical SEO Setup

In this phase, we make sure that the internet knows who you are by setting up Google Search Console, Google My Business, Analytics, AdWords, and address any other marketing tools that need to be configured. If you have an existing site, we see where technical improvements can be made. If we're building your site, no need to worry, the SEO goodies are baked in

Strategy Implementation

Once we have the pieces in place, we will begin implementing your campaign strategy. Search ranking position doesn't jump up to number one overnight. With good content planning, and technical SEO, you should begin seeing results fairly quickly.

Reporting and Optimization

Throughout your campaigns, we deliver regular reporting to show exactly where marketing dollars are going and what is converting customers. We determine where to ramp up and where to tone down to optimize your marketing budget. In this step, we often make technical improvements to help page rank, as well.

What sets Us Apart?

We are Bozeman's SEO experts. A Bozeman native of 34 years, CJ Williams truly understands your Bozeman market and it's customers. We specialize in technical SEO, link building, content marketing and more. Bozeman SEO can be difficult, but we are here to help navigate the beautiful landscape. We understand the aspects of technical SEO beyond WordPress plugins. Never be afraid to ask your SEO what exactly they are doing with your SEO strategy. There are many factors that allow search engines to discover and understand your site's content. We offer technical SEO services that dive deeper into your content and code. We touch on them all with White-Hat best practices. Structured data, image tagging, content revision and performance optimizations, we dot it all. LWe are the Bozeman SEO Consultant you are looking for.

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