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August 15, 2019
CJ Williams
Web Dev, Design

We have some great content being planned. Stay tuned for posts about design, development, and marketing, as well as free resources and more! As you can tell, this is going to be a good blog.

We are planning some great posts.

Stay tuned for posts about development, SEO, branding, design and, more! Also feel free to reach out to us if there is anything in particular you are hoping to learn about. We're really looking forward to this new blogging experience with a headless CMS, too. Like really.

Check out our planned posts below.

Upcoming Design Posts

  • Improved iterative logo design workflow in Adobe Illustrator
  • Customizing svg artwork with Vuetify color palletes.
  • Best free design resources online for 2019
  • Graphic design for begginers; where do I start?

Upcoming Development Posts

  • The most important things I've learned about NUxt.js so far
  • Should I use a component library and UI kit for my next project
  • Is WordPress on it's way Out?

Upcoming SEO Posts

  • 5 must-have tools for improving local SEO
  • When and when not to pay for SEO services
  • How to tell when your "SEO Expert" is bullshitting you
  • Little known

Upcoming Branding Posts

  • 12 Brands that are kicking the most ass right now
  • I have a logo, now what?
  • When and when not to act on customer feedback
CJ Williams
Developer, Designer, Marketer

Hey, I'm CJ! I am an experienced marketing specialist, designer, and front-end developer from Bozeman, MT. I have managed marketing, web development, and branding for several medium and large companies.. I'm fluent in Adobe Creative Suite/Creative Cloud, Google Analytics, AdWords, and Search Console, as well as front-end programming languages. CJ is the only person working at SilenceKillsDesign, but likes to say 'we' and 'us' to sound fancy.

I am passionate about my goals. Most of all, I enjoy making people laugh and feel that 'youthful spirit, old soul' would summarize me well. I enjoy staying active, cartoons, old video games, and performing stand-up comedy.

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