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Creative marketing and design right in the heart of Bozeman, Montana. We offer services in online marketing, graphic design, web design, brand identity, SEO. If you already have a solid start and just want some additional advice and direction, we can do that too.

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CJ is a dream designer for anyone who ever wanted a design layout that stands out from the rest. His work goes beyond the necessary into extremely well-thought, clean, memorable, beyond-creative design tailored to your marketing vision. I’ve worked with CJ on projects where he would not eat or sleep until his design was satisfying to his clients or himself. Beyond his design work, CJ has kept up with technology and national current marketing ideas, so you can be assured that your product is at it’s best.
Jenna K., Billings, MT

About Us

Founded in 2006 by Bozeman native, CJ Williams, SilenceKillsDesign sought out to be different from other graphic design and marketing firms. We wanted to focus our efforts on the small business owners across the state of Montana and offer them our help and guidance, not prey on them. Since the beginning, we have never bullshitted any of our clients and offered false promises for a high price tag. Fairness, efficiency, and a willingness to go above and beyond to make sure that our customers are satisfied are all the reasons why we are who we are today.

At SilenceKillsDesign, we create strategies to meet your business goals and your customers expectations. By this, we find ways to reach new leads, turn leads into customers, and customers into loyal brand advocates. We’re passionate about creating unique solutions to the problems today’s small business owners face.

The Dream

We aim to be the catalyst in creating growth and success for small businesses across Montana.
SilenceKillsDesign is a small marketing and design agency located near Bozeman, Montana. We believe in giving business owners to tools and training to survive. Our goal is to help businesses simplify their brand messaging to build long-lasting relationships with their customers.
Our road to success started with a passion to learn. Every day we push to better our skills, and enjoy sharing knowledge in return. We offer free-to-the-community classes on Photoshop, Online Marketing, and more.

The SilenceKillsDesign Team

Small in Numbers, Big on Ideas!

Owner & Designer

CJ Williams

I’m a Bozeman, MT native. I love where I am from and I love what I do.


Web Design
Online Marketing
Print Design
Motion Graphics

Is your business growing. SilenceKillsDesign will make sure your website is ready to keep up with you.
Everyone knows at least a bit about social media marketing. We can help you make sense of current trends and prepare for the future.
If you are looking to put your merchandise on the web, look no further. We can find the right solution to make your online store easy to manage, and easy to find.
Communication is key in all business. We will bring you up to speed with what we are doing, and will give you the tools and education you need to succeed on your own.

Free Consultation

We aren’t going to charge you just to talk. Who would do that?

Regular Updates

We’ll make sure that your site stays up to date with current technology.

Hosting Help

Setting up your server can be a pain in the butt. We will help you get it set up properly.

Fast Turnaround

When do you need it done by? We always try to get things done fast.

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